New York Style and Flavor

We have over 60 years of combined experience in the bagel industry. Whatsabagel prides themselves in the quality of their wholesale baked goods and top notch service. We provide only the freshest bagels, muffins, and donuts delivered 7 days a week. Our slow dough mixing process sets us apart and gives our bagels that New York style. After boiling them in water, we bake our bagels on stone hearth shelves for that signature flavor everyone loves. Every bagel is carefully crafted to ensure freshness daily. Check out our products page!

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How We Got Started and the New York Style Philosophy

Whatsa Bagel has distinguished itself as a front-runner in the wholesale bagel industry, since we opened our doors in 1982.  Often, we’ve been  referred to as the guys with the REAL New York style bagels. Fact is, NY was my hometown! I was born in the Bronx and apprenticed in a bagel store in Queens. Quick back-story….as a young guy I came to visit the nations capital, fell in love with the area and didn’t want to leave. I investigated the local bagel-scene and realized that this town needed authentic, New York style bagels. The dream was born and Im still livin’ it in what has become MY hometown too! I take great pride in the community we service, the reputation we’ve made for ourselves and the standard of excellence and continuity that our customers have come to rely on. From the beginning, my business partner and I, vowed that we would never compromise quality and easier methods of production for the sake of higher profits. We have an obligation to our customers to maintain the highest standards and quality throughout the life-cycle of the bagel-making process, always keeping the end result  in mind; good texture, flavorful fresh New York style bagels, baked on-site daily.

Only the Best Bakery Products

In addition to providing our customers with a great product, we understand the importance of providing quality service in moving our product out of our doors and in to yours, in a timely and efficient manner. If a customer doesn’t get what they want, as scheduled, then the purveyor has failed. This is where Whatsa Bagel’s 30+ years of experience benefits our countless, loyal and satisfied customers. We are very responsive to our customers and can often make modifications as wants and needs dictate. As mentioned, we have a tremendous amount of bagel experience, and are fully aware that you can buy a rack oven, steam inject your product and it will “look” beautiful, be cheaper….but buyer BEWARE….it’s just white bread with a hole in the middle!  We have built our business on a foundation of quality of product and service and we will not compromise either. Instead, here’s what we do–we still mix our bagels in a slow speed horizontal mixer. Yes, it takes more time but that’s what gives our bagels the dense chewy dough on the inside that the end-consumer loves! Next, we boil our bagels in large vats of water. It’s the way I was taught back in the 80’s and it’s the same process that was used in the 60’s. Our process is methodical and purposeful and distinguishes our bagels from others as that New York style. Lastly, we cook our bagels in ovens with rotating stone hearth shelves, the Old Fashioned Way! In addition to all that, we still use the best High Gluten Flour that’s available. When you bite into a Cinnamon Raisin bagel, you just know that you are not only getting a great tasting bagel, your getting a consistent ratio of raisins in it. The same goes for all of our seeded bagels too. We found that our customers wanted a lot of seeds on their sesame or poppy bagels, so that’s exactly what they get! Take a look at our products just to see how many flavors we have!

Top Notch Service and Accessibility

Long ago we realized that we needed to provide our clients with the biggest and the best product. In addition to quality, selection and top-notch service, this too sets us apart from any competition. We’ve taken the same approach with all of our products including, but not limited to, our huge and incredibly delicious muffins, croissants and donuts. Finally, we are always accessible!! We provide our customers with our managers phone numbers, as well as my cell number and my business partner David’s cell phone number.  We come from a retail background and know too, that if you get a late call-in catering order you will need to contact us so we can then accommodate the job and expedite your order. You can fast-track the process by calling our “Wholesale Hotline.” We do all that we can to assure you that you have both a provider and friend in Whatsa Bagel.

We have a large facility located in Gaithersburg, MD.  In an effort to further ensure that our quality is 110% we bring in industry leading, third party, inspectors who review our system procedures and polices. Our plant has a lot of redundant systems. We have back up ovens, back up mixers, a large generator, very large capacity walk-in refrigerators and freezers, etc., so we are always prepared for the unexpected in order to meet the needs of our customers. We deliver 364 days per year, from Virginia to areas beyond Baltimore, MD. We strive to do our best every day.

Delivery Service 7 Days a Week

Whatsabagel offers 7-day delivery services for those who want fresh multiple varieties delivered any day of the week. Call us today or visit our service area page to see if we deliver our New York style bagels to your area!

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